A Truly Unconscionable President

Well of course the Justice Department objected — it was illegal. It isn’t only the optics; it isn’t only that they are just looking ridiculous in denying that it was a quid pro quo. Obviously it wasn’t a coincidence. The reason that it was objected to by Justice — there is a statute that prohibits us from engaging in Iran dealing with dollars. So they had to print the money here, ship it over to Switzerland, turn it into Swiss francs and euros, and ship it over to Iran. If a private company had done this, this is called money laundering. The CEO would be in jail right now.

Is the United States Navy a Paper Tiger?

From former Marine, Dean of The Naval War College, and Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West:

The humiliating videos of American sailors on their knees and apologizing will be shown for years by Iran across the Middle East. This is a serious blow to American credibility and toughness.

The surrender should also raise a legitimate inquiry inside the Navy about rules for self-protection and opening fire vs. surrendering. It is not clear from the video whether overwhelming Iranian force was applied. It does not seem so judging from the size of the Iranian boats.

The British crew members of a similar riverine craft were captured by Iran years ago. Shame on the U.S. Navy and CENTCOM if they did not issue guidelines after that happened. And if there were guidelines, did they stipulate surrendering?

The U.S. Navy and CENTCOM have an obligation to make our rules plain to all service members. I cannot conceive of a guideline advising a captured American serviceman to apologize to his captors.

Nor could I believe that an American secretary of state THANKED the Iranians! That select example of groveling will also be played throughout the Middle East for years to come.


Point of no return

From Thomas Sowell:

But the worst aspect of the national-security policy of this administration is its clear intention to do nothing that has any realistic chance of stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. This may be the most grossly irresponsible policy in all of history, because it can leave this generation — and future generations — of Americans at the mercy of terrorists who have no mercy and who cannot be deterred, as the Soviet Union was deterred.