A Good Man

From Kathryn Jean Lopez:

I just read the e-book by Jonathan Martin and Glenn Thrush from Politico about the end of the 2012 presidential election campaign. As someone who hasn’t fully recovered from the loss, I was appreciative of these two facts included:

1. After the 47 percent video was revealed: “Romney knew it was a disaster. He felt so bad about his remarks that he sent an email to some of his senior aides taking responsibility for the damage he had caused and apologizing.”

2. After Chris Christie appeared with the president following Hurricane Sandy, Romney said to advisers, according to aide recollections cited in the book: “Guys, he’s the governor of the state — he’s got to do what’s best for his state.”

It’s not a strategy point or breaking news, but: He’s a good man, that Mitt Romney. And I’ll always be grateful for good men who are still willing to bother with politics.


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