Takes One to Know One

Jesus, a history of having nothing but radical, leftist mentors; a history of voting exclusively for leftist policies — so much so that he was voted the most left-wing senator by the National Journal in 2007; signing into law a 100% partisan, transformative government takeover of healthcare; and now he has been endorsed by leftist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. What more does this supposedly center-right country need in order to understand that the man it is poised to reelect does not share its values?

From The Daily Beast:

What presidential nominee doesn’t want to be endorsed by a foreign dictator? Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has endorsed President Obama, saying in an interview, “If I were American, I’d vote for Obama.” He called Obama “a good guy.” Even worse, Chávez said that if Obama were Venezuelan, “I think … he’d vote for Chávez.”



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