Obama: Fighting for the European Dream

From James Taranto:

European Lefties: Obama’s One of Us

Der Spiegel quotes at length from an editorial in Die Tageszeitung, a “left-leaning” German newspaper:

What is happening in Washington is nothing less than a culture war. On President Obama’s side are supporters of a national concept, like one known in Europe, namely that the state should take care of a certain amount of social equalizing, and if necessary, intervene with regulations. For his opposition, even Obama’s idea of expanding health insurance coverage equals the birth of communist totalitarianism.

Anyone who raises taxes or increases the debt ceiling, and therefore unleashes the Leviathan of “big government,” is, according to their logic, threatening the highest ideal that the American revolutionaries fought for: freedom. Those who do it will be pursued by these self-named patriots with virtually pathological hatred, even when the infrastructure or social benefits would profit from their undertakings. Illogical? Patriotism is possibly the only thing that many uncertain American citizens have left. The crisis has not only cost them their jobs; it has also threatened their country’s hegemony. And a solution for none of these problems seems apparent.”

We’d say the characterization of Obama’s opposition is somewhat overstated, but the description of Obama’s “national concept” is spot on. Remember when Chris Matthews ludicrously accused Mitt Romney of “racism” for describing Obama’s policies as “European”? These German lefties are describing a truth that their American counterparts are desperate to conceal.


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