Message received?

I chose not to mention the 42-point passage of Proposition C in Missouri on August 3rd because it was only symbolic, i.e., the individual mandate in ObamaControl invalidates it by federal preemption. But Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) take on this landslide is worth a post:

McCaskill said she understood what Missouri voters had been trying to say about the healthcare reform law for which she had voted in the Senate. But the centrist senator downplayed the vote as a result of heavy Republican primary turnout and a lack of education about the effects of the law.

“I certainly noticed the vote on Prop C, the healthcare law, and: message received,” she said Wednesday in a conference call with state reporters.

“I think there has been … a lot of noise about the mandate that people have gotten so focused on that they don’t realize that there’s going to be more access and affordability and more choices,” she said.

And there you have it: that “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” condescension that is so central to the worldview of the Left. To Senator McCaskill, it isn’t that these Missourians value things differently than she does. It isn’t that they’re focused on the mandate because they find that loss of liberty vastly more important than government effectuated “access” and “affordability.” No, to her they are the benighted and she is the light.


HT: Hot Air

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