Swallowing liberty

From Svetlana Kunin:

Writing about the Tea Party in the July 17 New York Times, Matt Bai says “the insidious presence of racism within some quarters of the movement — or, maybe more accurately in some cases, an utter indifference toward racial sensitivities — shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

“That’s not necessarily because a subset of these anti-government ideologues are racist, per se, but in part because they are just plain old — at least relatively speaking.”

Although I am not officially a member of the Tea Party movement, I admire these people who express their objection to the transformation of America by left-wing ideologues. So am I one of those racist old ladies who, in Bai’s words, “fear changes to their entitlement programs, even as they denounce the explosion in federal spending,” and who are “less optimistic about the high-tech economy, more fearful of the impact of immigration and free trade”?

Bring It On

I am not in any entitlement program, and I’d gladly challenge Mr. Bai’s understanding of a high-tech economy, immigration and free trade. I worked for 26 years as a software developer in America, a civil engineer in Russia, and am an immigrant myself.

I am quite sensitive to racial issues — I know from personal experience how a centralized state manipulates ethnic tensions and divides citizens in order to distract them from its own gross incompetence, while it swallows people’s liberty.


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