Who to believe?

The sheltered, Leftist millionaire Michael Moore or the guy who risked his life in this?

Styrofoam boat used to escape Leftist utopia

From NBCMiami:

A Cuban man’s journey to freedom took quite a bit of ingenuity and nearly ended his life.

On Tuesday, U.S. Coast Guard officers rescued a severely dehydrated man from a homemade boat made mostly of Styrofoam near the Florida Keys.

The unidentified man told authorities he had cast off from Havana on June 20. A picture of the white boat shows a few pieces of metal helped outfit the vessel and a plastic gallon jug was still inside.

The amazing voyage comes just days after the Cuban government began releasing political prisoners in a move that was viewed internationally as a sign things were getting better on the island.

The fact that someone was willing to risk their life on a raft made of Styrofoam might prove otherwise.


HT: Moonbattery

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