First, a definition from Onthow’s Unabridged Dictionary:
one who is moderate or average in his or her understanding

From Mark Landsbaum:

We commented over the weekend about “the great muddled middle of perpetually undecided, uncommitted Californians, who seem devoid of ideological anchors, and consequently blow this way and that with the passions of the moment.”

Think about it. People who feel strongly (right or wrong), which is to say those people with convictions, don’t really determine most elections. The votes of the great muddled middle, who generally don’t believe strongly in much except getting along and lately and famously “getting something done,” determine the outcome.

Remember, anytime someone uses the phrase “getting something done” or “get things done” or any other variation, he or she almost always wants something enacted that will result in the state or country being moved further leftward. Implicit in these phrases is the belief that government is the solution. To lovers of liberty, though, government tends to be the problem. We like to say, “get out of the way!”


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