Massive, glaring failure

Is this the result of stupidity? Probably not. It is much more likely the result of too much college.

The new playground at Diamond Hill Pocket Park


Council’s £70,000 playground is ‘a pile of concrete blocks’

Children who were expecting a new £70,000 playground complete with swings and slides have been left “devastated” after the council gave them a pile of concrete blocks instead.

The “minimalist” design at Diamond Hall Pocket Park includes a variety of rectangular grey concrete blocks, described by Sunderland Council as “play features”.

Parents had been expecting a traditional playground after they had been sent a leaflet on the plans which showed images of a climbing frame and swings.

Instead they have been left with the task of telling their children how best to play on the new blocks.


Saacha Thompson, 34, said she had a hard time explaining to her three-year-old daughter Imogen that the park was finished.


Adele Hopper, 24, said her three-year-old Connor was devastated when she told him the play park was finished.

“He was really upset at first. I was surprised to find out the park was finished. It didn’t look finished. I thought they would put stuff on top of the concrete blocks”, she said.

And in true nanny-state fashion, Julie Gray, Head of Community Services, tells us:

“This design also includes a CCTV camera being installed to help maintain a safe and secure playing environment.”


H/T: Moonbattery

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