Toronto’s little totalitarians

All for the residents’ own good of course. From the National Post:

In a close race with the United Nations for the most ridiculous decision of the month, Toronto’s city council will consider a proposal making it illegal to warm up the car, or keep the motor running while you pick up the kids.

Ever-prepared to impose its agenda on the lives of residents, council will consider a recommendation by the Board of Health reducing the current limit on idling from three minutes to one. And since even the three-minute law is rarely enforced (Hint to authorities: because it’s stupid), the board recommends giving parking control officers the authority to write tickets. Fine: $125.

The stated reason for this intrusion is that idling cars emit large amounts of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Plus, the behaviour-control forces that make up the dominant left-wing bloc hate cars and want to force people to ride bicycles, which they view as preferable for ideological reasons.


H/T: Moonbattery

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