What British Prime Minister Gordon Brown thinks of those who bring up the topic of immigration:

Like Barack Obama, Gordon Brown has never attempted to genuinely understand how and why someone like Gillian Duffy holds the opinions she does. Instead, he does what Leftists do: use the thoughtless shortcut of ascribing bigotry and hatred as the reason for the opinions she holds. By doing this, he immediately puts himself on a higher moral plane and saves himself the discomfort of understanding someone who disagrees with him. Indeed, the only bigotry displayed here is Gordon Brown’s.


From Mark Steyn:

Meanwhile, in Britain, a flailing Prime Minister Gordon Brown was on the stump in northern England and met an actual voter, one Gillian Duffy. Alas, she made the mistake of expressing very mild misgivings about immigration. And not the black, brown, and yellow kind, but only the faintly swarthy Balkan blokes from Eastern Europe. And actually, all she said about immigrants was that “you can’t say anything about the immigrants.” The prime minister brushed it aside blandly, made some chit-chat about her grandkids, and got back in his limo, forgetting that he was still miked. “That was a disaster,” he sighed. “Should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that . . . ? She’s just this sort of bigoted woman.”

After the broadcast of his “gaffe,” and the sight of Brown slumped with his head in his hands as a radio interviewer replayed the remarks to him, the prime minister found himself going round to Gillian Duffy’s home to abase himself before her. Most of the initial commentary focused on what the incident revealed about Gordon Brown’s character. But the larger point is what it says about the governing elites and their own voters. Mrs. Duffy is a lifelong supporter of Mr. Brown’s Labour party, but she represents the old working class the party no longer has much time for. Travis Nichols may be joking about “the drink of fascists,” but, in the same way as Gavin Newsom and Keith Olbermann, Gordon Brown genuinely believes Gillian Duffy has drunk deeply from the drink of bigots for so much as raising the subject of immigration. How dare she! Ungrateful bigot!

Gillian Duffy lives in the world Gordon Brown has created. He, on the other hand, gets into his chauffeured limo and is whisked far away from it.


2 thoughts on “Bigot

  1. Why are you writing like you’re surprised. I’m a leftie. And what she said, was bigoted. If I were to say “what are you going to do about all the black and gays” i’d rightly be labelled a bigot. If a muslim had asked brown “what are you going to do about all these whites?”, you right wingers would be going crazy and demanding he/she be deported immediately, and then telling us that the entire religion of Islam is out to kill you all.

  2. On the contrary, I am not surprised at all. The point of my post is that this is to be expected of the Left. Even Ms. Duffy expects it. Here is what she said (2:36 of this clip.):

    You cannot say anything about the immigrants, because you’re saying that you’re, you’re a [bigot]—but all of these eastern Europeans [you’re] welcoming in, where are they flocking from?

    To the Left, it isn’t that she is genuinely concerned about the impact a large influx people has on the British culture and economy. No, she knows that they will reflexively assume the worst and see her as a bigot.

    Now, regarding your analogy. Disregarding the fact that Ms. Duffy said nothing of Muslims whatsoever, it is inaccurate. The correct analogy would be if there was a large influx of whites into a Muslim country. If a Muslim lady in that country asked her leader what he was going to do about all of these whites, I would assume that she was concerned about the impact they have on her country not that she hates them. This is one of the reasons that I am not on the Left.

    Both the Left and the Right come to very different conclusions because we both start with very different assumptions about the human condition. If you understand that, you may see us as wrong but you will cease seeing us as bigots.

    Thank you for reading and replying.

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