The jerk

You would think that the post-partisan healer wouldn’t be such a divisive jerk:

President Barack Obama said Thursday he’s amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.

Obama told a fundraiser in Miami that he’s cut taxes, contrary to the claims of protesters.

“You would think they’d be saying thank you,” he said.


H/T: Riehl World View


A point needs to be made regarding how Obama and the Left define “tax cuts.” All of what are called “tax cuts” in the ARRA (the “Stimulus”) are not general, long-term reductions in tax rates. They are, instead, short-term “tax credits:”

tax credit – a provision of the tax code that specifies an amount by which a taxpayer’s taxes will be reduced in return for some behavior.

So, “tax cuts” from the Left are not ‘keep more of your money so you can decide what to do with it;’ they are ‘we will decide what you must do in order to keep more of your money.’

Taxes are ostensibly about money but fundamentally about decisions. “Tax credits” are the Left’s furtive way of keeping decisions firmly in the hands of government while allowing them to boast that they have cut taxes.

Update II

Krauthammer’s take:

I think it was Obama with his usual condescension — except he ratcheted it up to Code Orange into snootiness — where he looks down his nose at the gun-and-god crowd, the lumpenproletariat, as he sees it. And he ridicules them because they’re not grateful enough to him.

And look, it’s quite obvious what he’s talking about. He thinks that they are stupid because they don’t recognize that he hasn’t raised their taxes.

The point is the movement began a year ago before there were any hikes in taxes, but it was a prescient movement: it understood — and it wasn’t really that hard to see, although a lot of the press entirely overlooked it — that if you’re going expand the government hugely (as he has) you’re going to have to end up raising taxes. There‘s no other way.

That’s why we’re all talking about a VAT.

He’s assuming that these people are paranoid or agitated because they are expecting that taxes are going to rise. We just had the chairman of the Federal Reserve, who’s not exactly a member of the Tea Party, say exactly that. In order to sustain our economy, we’re going to have to raise taxes.

So it’s a fact. And I think it is in his character to ridicule — this is a man on the day he won the Democratic nomination said that day would mark a day on which the earth began to heal and the oceans recede. So he does not have a low opinion of himself.


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