White = racist

Professor of philosophy Keith-Burgess Jackson describes the essentially unassailable belief of Leftist intellectuals that just being white means you are racist. Any argument from a white person against it is, to them, evidence of it. And black intellectuals such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are, no doubt, simply dismissed as corrupt in some way. Definitely a mind-closing construct to say the least:

“A Very Dangerous Political Plaything

I leave you this fine evening with a column by Thomas Sowell. Unless you have spent time in academia, as I have, you probably don’t know that white people are necessarily racist. It’s not as though there is a mere correlation between being white and being racist, for a correlation, being imperfect, would allow for some whites not to be racist and for some nonwhites to be racist. The relationship is necessary rather than contingent: Merely being white, in a white-supremacist culture such as ours, makes one a racist.

Paul Krugman, for example, is white, and therefore (note the deduction) a racist. He doesn’t deny it; he would admit it. His racism causes him to be self-loathing. His very support for Barack Obama is a manifestation of racism. What better way could there be to alleviate white guilt than to support the black man? Progressives such as Krugman are obsessed with race. Everything is racialized. If you’re white, you cannot escape your racism. All you can do is (1) loathe yourself, (2) attack your fellow whites (a form of psychological projection), and (3) do everything within your power to promote the interests of blacks (thereby alleviating your guilt).

Welcome to the United States of America in 2010. Ain’t it great?


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