The Toyota witch hunt

The witch hunt directed at Toyota also happened to Audi back in the 1980s. That turned out to be a total, complete fraud and so will this.

See here, here, here, and here.


Look what Toyota will likely be dealing with for years to come:

Audi’s U.S. sales, which had reached 74,061 in 1985, dropped to 12,283 in 1991 and remained level for three years — with resale values falling dramatically. Audi subsequently offered increased warranty protection and renamed the affected models — with the 5000 becoming the 100 and 200 in 1989 — and only reached the same sales levels again by model year 2000.

A 2010 BusinessWeek article — outlining possible parallels between Audi’s experience and 2009–2010 Toyota vehicle recalls — noted a class-action lawsuit filed in 1987 by about 7,500 Audi 5000-model owners. It remains unsettled and is currently being contested in county court in Chicago after appeals at the Illinois state and U.S. federal levels.


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