From VDH:

Why all of a sudden are liberal pundits urging Obama to go “gangsta” (Roland Martin) or go “Chicago-style” (Al Hunt) when it has been for two years politically incorrect to even hint that Obama has empathy either to the patois of the inner city or the ruthlessness of Chicago?

When it is a matter of health care, then supporters accept the associations as pluses, while assuming they would be racist or unfair if voiced by a conservative? And why, when the president’s ratings have gone from 68–70% to 48–46% (at nearly a steady -2% clip a month), primarily because of shrill partisanship and a perceived ultra-left agenda, would, in charlatan homeopathic style, his advisers suggest more toxin to cure the ailing patient?

Apparently, the point is that by appearing ruthless and ramming down health care, Obama will suddenly transmogrify into a “strong horse,” gain cred so to speak, and reassure trembling Democrats that the disadvantages of supporting a most unpopular agenda are outweighed by basking in the reflected glory from Obama the Strong. I suppose at this point anything goes, given we’ve gone from bipartisanship “good” to partisanship “even better,” from Bush the Constitution Shredder to Give Me More Predators, an open Guantanamo, and renditions, and from “Culture of Corruption” to Charlie Rangel, our chief tax legislator, absolving us collectively of tax problems by just blaming the preparers.


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