From VDH:

It is quite surreal to see a U.S. president — after borrowing nearly $2 trillion this year, with a scheduled aggregate increase in the national debt of $8-9 trillion during his tenure alone — talk about borrowing more money to enact cap-and-trade transfers, as his secretary of state promises a $100 billion cash grant to poorer nations. And all this takes place in the aftermath of Climategate, at a summit whose attendees give the thuggish Hugo Chávez a rousing ovation, get lectured by the murderer Robert Mugabe, and also hear from multi-millionaire global-warming capitalist Al Gore.


One thought on “Surreal

  1. Creating a carbon credit exchange market for profit, gain, and absolutely of no value to improving the living standards of those countries impoverished and struggling to improve. It is purely an opportunity for Al Gorge and Goldman Sachs to justify an opportunity to make money on forest land by a carbon credit value of arbitrary calibration, to offset the carbon dioxide output of every living creature on earth who will be required to buy carbon credits, and pay carbon emission taxes. I knew they would tax us even to breathe!

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