Extending power

Lawyers for the Fundamental Transformation of America (a.k.a. Democrats) are still trying their best to Europeanize us.

From David Hass at American Thinker:

The Baucus Health Reform Bill passed by the Senate Finance Committee yesterday is nanny state tax and spend liberalism on steroids.

Every problem addressed in the bill has a solution such as “create a new commission”, “create state-based web portals or exchanges”, “create a reinsurance program”, “develop and implement one or more evidence-based Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visitation programs.”, “creates a Simple Cafeteria Plan”, “recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force”, or “the Advisory Committee on Immunizations”, “creates a new state option”, “establishes an initiative”, “establish a value‐based purchasing program for hospitals”, “strengthen and expand the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative”, “requiring the Secretary to implement quality measure reporting programs for certain providers”, “establish an Innovation Center at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services”, “direct the Secretary to develop a voluntary pilot program”, “establish an interagency working group”, “increase graduate medical education (GME) training positions”, “funding for a demonstration program”, “establish a Workforce Advisory Committee”, “establishes competitive demonstration grant programs”, “creates a 15‐member, independent Medicare Commission”, and on and on and on.

It seems that this bill is trying reduce unemployment in the US by hiring millions of health care administrators, commissioners, planners, enforcers, supervisors, and fact-checkers. I thought I was reading the English translation of a 1970’s era Soviet State planning directive.


Reminds me of a quote from my favorite essayist regarding the massive British bureaucracy:

“The whole of the British public administration is so riddled with thousands of unscrupulous, cunning, careerist dimwits, who will do anything they are told as long as it preserves their jobs and careers, and who routinely mistake their own activity for work, that recovery or amelioration is impossible.

Our corruption is now far worse than the money-under-the-table or brown-paper-envelope sort. It is a deep moral and intellectual corruption, and therefore far harder to eradicate or control. It has turned the whole of the public service into a legalised pork barrel for low-grade bureaucrats. And the government connives at it, because it extends its power.”

— Theodore Dalrymple

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