Remaking America

“And most of all, I love that, after nine months in office, the emperor has to pretend no longer about what his real goals are for this downright mean, rotten country of ours. And that, better yet, his patience is wearing thin with the enforced charade of “centrism” and “patriotism.” What I saw Wednesday night is what I’ve seen in our boy Barry from the beginning: fundamental change, even if we have to ram it down your throat. Which is what, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re doing.

I mean, I didn’t even know we had a health-care crisis in this country until Barry started banging on and on and on about it. I would have thought that a diverse country of 300 million races, creeds, colors, levels of avoirdupois, and sexual orientations from all over the world — a country nothing like, say, Sweden — with an average lifespan pushing 80 was doing pretty well. But obviously I was wrong. Throw this crisis on top of the financial crisis, the auto-industry crisis, the global-warming crisis, and the Sarah Palin crisis and you have . . . the Obama administration.”

David Kahane


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